Shipping and Returns Policy

Our Payment Method

We only use safe and secure methods of payment. These include Netcash and EFT payments.

How long does my order take?

As soon as your order has been confirmed and the payment has cleared in our bank account, which usually can take about 1-3 business days depending on which bank you are paying from, you will be notified that your payment was received and we are processing your order.

Our Shipping Policy

Shipping methods:

We currently offer three ways to receive your order.

  1. Collect from Ultitech’s Johannesburg Office.
  2. Use our Courier Service, (Terms of service applies to that specific Courier company)
  3. You organize a courier company to collect from Ultitech’s Johannesburg Office.

For special requirements regarding collecting your order, please contact us.

How much doe shipping Cost?

Our Door-to-door Courier service is R99 for orders in Gauteng. (There will be a surcharge for heavy deliveries or you can arrange your own courier/collection)

For orders to Cape Town or Durban we charge a R150. (there will be a surcharge for heavy deliveries or you can arrange your own courier/collection)

How long does the shipping Take?

Once the order has been confirmed and when the payment clears, we will deliver your order to your delivery address which will take an estimate of 2-5 working days, depending on which delivery option you have chosen and distance from our warehouse. ( please note delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances )

Where can you ship to?

We ship to anywhere in South Africa.

Any non-main area will incur extra costs.

How can I collect?

To collect please make sure you arrange with someone from the Ultitech Team beforehand. Please note: Proof of payment, ID and your Order number is required for collection. No goods will be available for collection unless the funds have cleared in our account, this may take up to 48- 72 hours depending on your bank.


 Our Returns Policy:

Should you wish to return an item you have bought; you may do so within 7 business days after the date of invoice to our JHB office, on the following conditions: 

 Products that have not had their security seal tampered with or the product returned damaged.

Software products, codes, which have not been opened or used.

Products that have not been opened and that are not damaged.

There will be a handling fee should you return the product open or used within the 7 business days from purchase.

Software that been opened, Cartridges and CDs/ DVDs will not be accepted for returns. 

The return of items with damage to any barcode, serial numbers or identification numbers shall not be accepted.

 All costs relating to the return of items, including the courier will be payable from the customer.

Dead at Arrival  (DOA)

 If your order is dead on arrival, please contact us promptly so that we can assist you. It is your responsibility to check the products thoroughly and to advise us if you feel there is any fault or damage.  Any DOA or damaged or defective products must be declared within 48 hours from Delivery/collection.

We will have the product looked at by our suppliers and fully refund you(less the delivery fees) or replace the unit if the order is confirmed dead on arrival.

 If you have any queries about returning your product or warranties before or after a purchase, please contact us and we will assist you promptly.

 Our Delivery Policy

We do not deliver to the Postal Boxes as our service includes delivery by courier (Door to Door)

Deliveries are made during business hours from 09h00 to 16h00 Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays.

Our couriers do not give exact delivery times and deliver between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday and sometimes on the weekend depending on the courier company.

Our couriers require someone to be at the address provided in order to accept the delivery, otherwise the goods will be returned.

If no one accepts delivery for the first time, a second attempt at delivery will be made at the expense of R100(only if Ultitech incurred a cost from the courier company.)

We reserve the right to change the shipping method from delivery to collection because of the weight of the items and for other reasons determined by Ultitech. 

Additional surcharges may apply to heavy deliveries( we will communicate this with you)


Please visit our Terms and Conditions page to get a further information.


Please email us or phone us to check on the length of a warranty.

The below list of problems and not limited to will make products defective and will not allow any repairs, refunds, or replacements.

  • Physical damage to the product, that includes water damage, moisture, physical, battery or chemical.
  • Any warranty stickers or seals removed or damaged, and any warranty screws tampered with.
  • Any hardware or software that does not match the compatibility of your system or operating system.
  • Long term use or wear and tear.
  • Ultitech takes no responsibility for data loss of any products purchased from Ultitech.


Please note the above may not cover all instances and ultimately it is to the discretion of the distributor or manufacturer.

Last edited: 14 November 2021