Zebra ZC300 – Duplex Card Printer, 300 dpi

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When your customers need to print employee badges, membership cards or credit / debit cards, they can do it better, faster and easier with the ZC300. Our award-winning industrial design team has transformed the traditional card printer with technological advances in hardware and software, creating a complete solution for card printing. The result is absolute simplicity: whatever the customer needs to print, just press a button to get the desired output – single-sided or front-to-back card, with magnetic or contactless band, in color or black and white. And thanks to the revolutionary space-saving design, the ZC300 can be placed anywhere you need to print cards in protected mode. ZC300 Series – simplified card printing.


High graphic content LED / LCD interface
The ZC300 features highly intuitive and familiar icons, animations and text messages in the customer’s language, to allow each user to easily understand printer needs and any procedure to be performed.
An ingenious card feeder of new design manages different card thicknesses at the same time
Only the ZC300 is equipped with an advanced card feeder that automatically adapts to the thickness of each card; you no longer need to make specific adjustments depending on the type of card in use.
Brand new design of the binder
With the new completely redesigned ZC300 collector, loading and unloading cards is easier than ever. Thanks to the “saloon style” exit doors, there is nothing to open – just take a single card or the entire stack. In addition, the incoming and outgoing collectors of the ZC300 have the same capacity, thus reducing the need to supply and empty them.
Error-proof tape replacement
Replacing a tape has never been so easy … in fact, no instructions are needed.
•With just one movement, you can unlock and open the ZC300 ribbon access door, which is also newly designed.
•The unique handle grip leaves no room for doubt as to how to remove or insert the ribbon.
•The perfect plug-in design ensures that the tape is installed correctly.
•Thanks to the integrated smart chips, the customer always knows when it is time to replace the tape.
Immediate plug-and-play installation
The ZC300 is designed to be ready for use right from the start. There are no long and complicated configuration procedures to follow – just connect your client and start taking advantage of its benefits and features right away.
Elegant design and leaner profile of the category
The ZC300 has a consumer product aesthetic that allows it to be placed in areas in contact with customers.
And thanks to the small footprint, the slimmer profile and the smallest maneuvering space in the category, the ZC300 adapts to any space.
Flexible and simple card printing
With the ZC300, your customers can print single-sided or double-sided cards in black and white or in color.
And regardless of what they print, advanced features can produce color duplex cards with complex graphics as easily as they print simple black-and-white front cards.
Various encoding options
With the ZC300, your customers can easily print both “swipe” and contactless cards. From the first use it is possible to print cards with magnetic strips. And with the ZIP Pocket kit and our new software development kits (SDKs), it’s easy to integrate support for a contactless encoder from another brand.
Advanced security features
The ZC300 offers more security features than any other printer in its class, such as the lid lock device, the Kensington lock slot, government-level AES encryption, and host authentication on the printer.
The graphic interface of the newly designed driver facilitates card printing more than ever before
The intuitive interface of the newly designed driver facilitates card printing more than ever before. Settings are grouped logically into tabs and easily accessed with one click. The visual representation of the card makes it equally easy to print simple monochromatic cards or complex color cards, and allows the user to instantly check the appearance and check how it changes depending on the settings applied, thus eliminating the time and costs associated with need to perform repeated card printing tests.


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