VANTEC M.2 NVMe + M.2 SATA SSD PCIe x4 Adapter

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Product code: VANTEC UGT-M2PC200 ADP


The M.2 NVMe + M.2 SATA SSD PCIe x4 Adapter is a unique product with 2 very different M.2 Slot. It can offer the fastest boot or data access thru the NVMe SSD and at the same time provide very fast storage through the M.2 SATA SSD. It provides the link between PCIe 4 lanes of data path straight to the NVMe SSD resulting in super-fast data transfer and another M.2 interface for your M.2 SATA SSD. This adapter allows for flexible installation of an M.2 (NGFF) of different size like 42, 60, or 80mm in length with varying capacity. This M.2 adapter will give you the best performance possible for your system.


  • Support 2 x M.2 interface, One for NVMe SSD and One for SATA SSD
  • Primary M.2 for PCIe based (NVMe or AHCI) SSD to PCIe x4 slot
  • Secondary M.2 for SATA SSD to the System main board SATA port
  • PCIE to M.2 SSD (M-Key),  SATA to M.2 SSD (B-Key)
  • Support different length M.2 (NGFF) card, 22x42mm, 22x60mm or 22x80mm
  • Adapter supports PCI Express v3.0 Specs and compatible with v2.0 / v1.0
  • Supports system boards  with PCIe x4,x8,x16 slots
  • Uses minimum power from PCIe 3.3V for better power management
  • Low Profile Bracket included


Model:     UGT-M2PC200
Primary M.2 Type:     NVMe or AHCI SSD using M Key only
Secondary M.2 Type:     SATA SSD using B Key
M.2 size:     Length support 22x42mm, 22x60mm or 22x80mm
Internal Interface:     2 x M.2 (NGFF)
PCIe Interface:     PCIe v3.0 or PCIe v2.0 x4 (4 lanes)
Power:     PCIe Bus powered (3.3V)
Dimensions:     5.8 x 4.7 x 0.7 inches / 148 x 120 x 17 mm
Weight:     3 oz. / 85 g
System Requirements:
For booting, system requires UEFI BIOS with booting support
Available system board PCIe x4 or x8 or x16 slot
OS support like Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (Windows 10 preferred), or Linux (Latest Kernel)
What’s Included: M.2 NVMe + M.2 SATA SSD PCIe x4 Adapter, Mount and Screws set, Low Profile Bracket, Quick Installation Guide

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EAN:  4716872103195


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