Seagate Exos 15E900 2.5″ Hard Disk Drive 2.5″ 300GB 12GB/s SAS

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Product code: ST300MP0006


  • Accelerates I/O operations and completes more transactions faster-even during peak demand
  • At 900GB, stores 50% more mission-critical data than any other 15K HDD1
  • Optimizes TCO with higher capacity at lower cost than high-performance alternatives
  • Delivers more predictable performance (up to 27% SDR over previous generation1) while helping to protect data from corruption due to unexpected power loss
  • Supports all drive formats including 512 native and a single Fast Format model for advanced formats (4Kn and 512e) that simplifies HDD management
  • Industry-leading read caching with TurboBoost technology for optimum response times-perfect for OLTP applications
  • Advanced Write Caching feature utilizing enhanced algorithms for the industrys highest mission-critical storage workload performance efficiencies
  • Uses traditional NAND and advanced algorithms to promote hot data and achieve performance improvement (up to 2.6x improvements over last generation1)
  • Enables high density with power efficiency due to lower power and cooling requirements-ideal for space- and power-constrained enterprise data centers
  • Widely accepted, proven sixth-generation technology for reliable access to demanding high performance applications.


Capacity: 300GB
Standard Model: ST300MP0006
Seagate Secure Model (SED/Common Criteria): ST300MP0016
Seagate Secure FIPS 140-2 Model: –

Average Latency (ms): 2
Sustained Transfer Rate (Outer to Inner Diameter) MB/s: 300 to 210
Max. Instantaneous Transfer Rate (SAS dual port) MB/s: 2400
Cache, Multisegmented (MB): 256
Interface: SAS 12Gb/s
Intelligent NAND Endurance Management: No

Fast-Format Models: No
TurboBoost Enhanced Read Caching: No
Advanced Write Caching: Yes
Low Halogen: Yes
PowerChoice Idle Power Technology: Yes
Hot Plug Support: Yes
Organic Solderability Preservative: Yes
Digital Sensors for Humidity: Yes


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