LG XBOOM CL88 2900W Entertainment System

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Product code: LG XBOOM CL88


Powerful 2900-Watt Sound
LG XBOOM CL88 2900W pumps out mighty sound with booming bass. Rock the party with big tunes that get everyone dancing.

Multi Color Lighting
Colored lights flash in sync with the music to add excitement and atmosphere to parties.

Control Remotely with the DJ App
Have fun using a variety of DJ sound effects straight from your smartphone.

Party Accelerator
Choose your own sound and push the accelerator forward. Hear the sound build until it peaks with a thunderous boom.

Karaoke Star
Singing is easy and enjoyable with a voice canceller to reduce in-track vocals and a key changer that tunes the music to your voice. You can also choose 18 different vocal effects to sing with.

Double Your Sound with Wireless Party Link
Link two LG XBOOM CL88 systems together wirelessly to increase the output to 5800 watts. This is immense sound for amazing parties.

Versatile Connectivity
Choose from a variety of input options including Bluetooth®, 2 USB ports, CD and FM Radio.

Be More Immersed with TV Sound Sync
Connect the CL88 to your LG TV via Bluetooth® to experience more impressive, room-filling sound.

Share the Playlist with Multi Jukebox
Pair up to 3 devices with the CL88 via Bluetooth®. Seamlessly control a playlist with any of them, with no interruption to music.

  • 2900 Watts
  • Multi Color Lighting
  • Party Accelerator
  • DJ App
  • Karaoke Star
  • Wireless Party Link



Power Output – Front: 1175W x 2
Power Output – Sub Woofer: 550W x 1
Function Selector – CD: Yes
Function Selector – Tuner: Yes
Function Selector – AUX IN 1: Yes
Function Selector – AUX IN 2: Yes
Function Selector – USB1: Yes
Function Selector – USB2: Yes
Function Selector – Bluetooth: Yes


Audio In – USB 1: Yes (Front)
Audio In – USB 2: Yes (Front)
Audio In – AUX IN 1: Yes (Front)
Audio In – AUX IN 2: Yes (Rear)
Door Lock Key (Disc): Yes
System Connection with speaker (Front / Subwoofer): 1/1
Speaker Out – Front L/R: 1/1
Speaker Out – Sub Woofer (Passive): 1
Speaker Out – System Jack Subwoofer: Yes
Radio Antenna – FM: Yes
Karaoke Function – Mic Volume (on Main Set): Yes
Karaoke Function – Mic Jack: 2EA (Φ6.3)
Karaoke Function – MIC ECHO (on RCU): Yes


Display – Type: CM4740
Display – Demo: Yes
Display – Dimmer: Yes


EQUALIZER – User EQ: yes
EQUALIZER – Cluster2 EQ: Yes
EQUALIZER – Standard: Yes
EQUALIZER – Classic: Yes
EQUALIZER – Bass Blast: Yes
EQUALIZER – Football: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Dangdut: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Arabic: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Afro Hip-hop: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – India: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Regueton: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Merengue: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Salsa: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Samba: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Forro: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Funk: Yes
SPECIAL EQ – Sertanejo: Yes
Juke box: Yes
DJ Effect: Yes
DJ Loop: Yes
Multi Jukebox: Yes
Sampler Creator: Yes
Auto DJ: Yes
Childsafe Mode: Yes


Power Requirement – Narrow (50/60Hz): 110 or 220/230V 50/60Hz
Power Requirement – Wide: 110/220V
Power Off Consumption: 0.5W↓
Power Consumption at stand by: 0.5W↓


2Ch Stereo(By-Pass): Yes
Mute: Yes


Type: PLL
Band: FM
Tuning Range- FM (50kHz / 100kHz): 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz
Station Preset: Ran.50
Memory / Erase: Yes/Yes
Clock/Alarm/Sleep/Set: Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes


Disc Number: 1
Loading Type: 1-CD Tray
Playable DISC Format – Audio CD: Yes
Playable DISC Format – MP3/WMA CD: Yes/Yes
Playable DISC Format – CD-R/CD-RW: Yes/Yes
Playable File Format – MP3: Yes
Playable File Format – WMA: Yes
Playable File Format – Bluetooth AAC Codec: Yes
Convenience – Repeat 1/All: Yes/Yes
Convenience – JukeBox(track): Yes (300)
Convenience – Shuffle: Yes
Convenience – Skip – Fwd/Rev: Yes
Convenience – Scan – Fwd/Rev: Yes
Convenience – USB direct recording: Yes
Convenience – Dual USB (USB1 to USB2 recording): Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth: Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Remote App: Yes
Convenience – BluetoothAuto Function Change: Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Power on (Stand by): Yes
Convenience – Multi Bluetooth (Android): Yes
Convenience – Multi Color(RGB) Speaker Lighting: Yes
Convenience – LED Set lighting: Yes
Convenience – Party Accelerator: Yes
Convenience – Party Accelerator (User mode): Yes
Convenience – DJ Scratcher: Yes
Convenience – MP3/WMA ID3 Tag Display: Yes
Convenience – File/Folder search with music playing (EZ File Search): Yes
Convenience – File delete: Yes
Convenience – TV Sound Sync. (Wireless): Yes
Convenience – DJ Sharing: Yes
Convenience – Fota: Yes
Convenience – Auto Music Play (Move&Play): Yes
Convenience – Wireless Party Link (Twin Mode): Yes


Echo Mode: Yes
Vocal Effects: Yes
Voice Canceller: Yes
Key Changer: Yes


Remote Control Unit – Unit: Yes
Remote Control Unit – Model name: MA2
Remote Control Unit – Number of Key: 40 (Option 9)
Remote Control Unit – Battery: AAA x 2
Instruction Manual – Simple: Yes
Warranty Card: Yes
FM Antenna: FM 75Ω ANT
Carton Box Type (Tip on / Offset / Flexo): Tip on
Speaker Cable: Fixed Type


SPEAKER Sytem Model Name: CLS88
Front Speaker – Model name: CLS88F
Front Speaker – System: 1Way 1Speaker
Front Speaker – Woofer Unit: 8″
Front Speaker – Impedance: 6Ω
Front Speaker – Magnetic Shielding: No Shield
Middle (Rear) Speaker – System: 1Way 1Speaker
Middle (Rear) Speaker – Tweeter Unit: 1″ compression Horn
Sub Woofer – Model name: CLS88F
Sub Woofer – System: 1Way 1Speaker
Sub Woofer – Woofer Unit: 10″
Subwoofer – Impedance: 6Ω
Sub Woofer – Magnetic Shielding: No Shield


Unit type (CMF): Shiny
Speaker Red Deco: Yes


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