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M.2 is a solid-state drive (SSD) form factor primarily used as an operating system boot solution. Lenovo ThinkSystem servers support M.2 drives either with the addition of a supported M.2 adapter or directly on the system board.

On the ThinkSystem SR150, SR250 and ST250, a single M.2 drive is installed directly on the system board.

On all other support ThinkSystem servers, the M.2 drives install into an M.2 adapter which in turn is installed in a dedicated slot on the system board of the server. With two M.2 drives configured, the drives are configured by default as a RAID-1 mirrored pair for redundancy.

– Single M.2 Adapter, which supports one M.2 drive; available as the ThinkSystem M.2 Enablement Kit
– Dual M.2 Adapter, which supports one or two M.2 drives; available as the ThinkSystem M.2 with Mirroring Enablement Kit

A Dual M.2 Adapter with one 128GB M.2 drive partially inserted is shown in the following figure. The second M.2 drive is installed on the other side of the adapter.

  • Hardened boot media that does not use a drive bay
  • Both mechanically & electronically designed to be more robust than any prior implementation
  • Design provides hardware mirroring of two M.2 SSDs
  • M.2 SSDs have higher mean time between failures (MTBF) than SD cards or USB keys
  • Tool-less, patented clip design that supports back to back connector layout, providing simple install in limited space
  • PCIe 2.0 x2 host interface (connects to the PCH)
  • Based on the Marvell 88SE9230 6 Gbps SATA controller
  • Supports one or two 6 Gbps SATA M.2 drives**
  • Supports 3 different physical sizes of M.2 drives: 42mm (2242), 60mm (2260) and 80mm (2280)*
  • RAID functionality provided by the M.2 adapter
  • RAID 1 by default; also supports RAID 0 and JBOD
  • UEFI-based settings to enable/disable RAID mode and to review inventory
  • Supports Secure Boot
  • Adapter and drive firmware update using Lenovo firmware tools
  • Management via I2C interface
  • 6 Gbps SATA host interface (connects to the PCH)
  • Supports one 6 Gbps SATA M.2 drive**
  • Drive firmware update using Lenovo firmware tools
  • VPD reporting of adapter inventory


Compatible processor series: Not supported
Fan diameter: N
Type: Mounting kit
Suitable for: Solid-state drive
Quantity per pack: 1

Packaging content
Mounting kit: Y

Product colour: Black, Blue, Green


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