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Huawei Body Fat Scale – Openbox Deal

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Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale

– Weight measurement
– Body fat percentage measurement
– Water percentage measurement
– Muscle mass measurement
– Bone mineral content measurement
– Protein content measurement
– Visceral fat level measurement
– Basal metabolic rate measurement
– BMI measurement
– Smart alarm
– Automatic user identification
– Compatibility with Huawei Body Fat Scale app and Huawei Health app
– Query of historical data
– Health report generation

Health, Starts from Fat Reduction:
AH100 is a stylish, reliable body fat scale designed by Huawei to measure your health and fitness data. It can work with Bluetooth, and the Huawei Body Fat Scale app to provide you with the following functions.

Product Highlights:
– 9 body composition indicators
– Comprehensive health report
– Tempered glass surface, easy to clean

User-friendly App, health report & suggestions:
– Up to 10 users auto-recognition
– Offline weight and body fat display

Losing Weight is Different from Getting Slim:
– Under the same weight, fat is about 3 times the size of muscle
– That’s why people with higher body fat percentage look fatter

9 Body Compositions in 1 Detection
– Comprehensive understanding of your physical conditions with 9 body composition analysis in 1 detection

Advanced Technology, Accurate Measurement:
– Big data, Mathematical modeling & PCA algorithm
– Technical guidance from China Institute of Sport Science (CISS)

Simple & Slim Design:
Tempered glass panel, Pure white appearance, CNC grinding & polishing. Detailed Design, Convenient Measurement, Adopts high precision BIA chip, 4 pressure sensors and 360° adjustable scale feet to achieve accurate & convenient measurement.

How It Works:
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology; Metal-less ITO layer for enhanced sensitivity.

View Body Weight & Fat Offline
Display the body weight & fat percentage of auto-recognized users on scale, you can view it without even taking out your smartphone.

Smart Alarm Clock:
Measure regularly with smart alarm clock for more accurate measurement.

Your Personal Fitness Coach:
HUAWEI Smart Scale App provides comprehensive health report and customized health suggestions.

User-Friendly App:
– Records body compositions & displays their changes in various charts; Supports auto-recognition of up to 10 users & easy sharing to mainstream social media.

Bluetooth 4.1:
– Compatible with mainstream Android & iOS devices
– People with pacemakers or other electronic medical implants are NOT recommended to use

Health and fitness data:
Measures your body fat percentage, water percentage, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat level, muscle mass, bone mineral content, BMI, and protein content.

Intelligent identification:
Automatically identifies users (10 groups of users at maximum) when measuring the health and fitness data offline.

Storing historical data:
– A maximum of 50 data groups can be stored

Smart alarm:
– Up to five groups of alarms can be set

Compatibility with Huawei Health:
– Compatible with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) protocol and Huawei Health

– Online app update and firmware OTA update

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth working range:
– In an obstacle-free space: > 5 m

Battery life:
– Around 300 days (three measurements per day)

System stability and reliability:
– Battery under-voltage protection
– When the battery voltage is lower than the rated value of 4.0 V, the MCU will stop working, and “LO” will appear on the LED display

Automatic hibernation:
When you finish measuring your health and fitness data, the display will automatically turn off after 10 seconds. If you do not use the scale for another 10 minutes, it will automatically enter hibernation mode.

Automatic wake up:
When the weight on the scale is between 2 kg and 8 kg, the scale will automatically wake up and enable Bluetooth.

Main chip:
The Bluetooth and the scale MCU integrate into a highly integrated chip, which then serves as a watchdog.

Data protection during power loss:
All data records are stored in flash memory to prevent data loss due to loss of power.

Environmental protection:
Meets the requirements of RoHS, REACH, and hazardous substances.

Transportation safety:
Obtained all four Certifications for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods by road, sea, air, and rail, respectively.

– Upper surface: tempered glass
– Electrodes: transparent ITO conductive film
– Bottom surface: ABS engineering plastic

Storage temperature:
– 10°C to +50°C: less than 1 month
– 10°C to +45°C: less than 3 months
– 10°C to +25°C: less than 1 year

Hardware Specifications:
– External components: High-strength tempered glass, transparent ITO electrodes, and discreet LED display
– Colour: White
– Material: Glass & ABS plastic

– Power supply mode
– DC, battery-powered
– Battery: AAA, 1.5 V x 4
– Display: Discreet LED display
– LED: White, high-brightness
– Compatible devices: Smartphones running Android 4.4/iOS 8.0 or later and supporting Bluetooth 4.0 or later
– Operating temperature: 5ºC–40ºC
– Relative humidity: 90% RH
– Max Testing Weight: Up to 150 Kg (330 lbs)
– Chip: CHIPSEA CST34M97 (developed by Shenzhen Chipsea Technologies), a high-integration chip combining scale MCU with Bluetooth 4.1
– Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1 protocol stack
– Method to measure the body fat: Bio electrical impedance analysis (BIA)
– Frequency to measure the body fat: AC, 50 KHz
– Weighing sensor: Resistance strain gauge pressure sensor
– Certifications: BQB, CE, FCC, RCM, SIRIM, and IC
– Dimensions (H x W x D): 300 mm x 300 mm x 23.7 mm (maximum thickness) (11.81 in. x 11.81 in. x 0.93 in.)
– Weight: 1.85 kg (excluding the batteries)


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