3 Layer Disposable Face Masks 10 Pack

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3 Layer Disposable Face Masks 10 Pack

Protect yourself and your loved ones.

As a leading FDA and CE approved face mask manufacturer, we seek to protect and put our customers first during these trying times by providing high quality 3 ply face masks. The disposable mask can be used as a prevention for contaminants.

The mask is sensitive on the skin, made from soft high-quality cotton, sterilized, and sealed to ensure the highest standards to protect you from dust and allergens.

With the Melt-blown cloth layer inside, this mask is capable of filtering 0.5-micron particles up to 95%. Effectively protecting your respiratory system.

Comes with a Shapeable nose strip and built-in sponge pad for ultra wearing comfort. the 3D breathable technology design also provides enough room for your mouth and nose inside the mask to prevent irritations.

Filtration Efficiency: >=95%

Material: Non-woven + Melt-blown cloth

  • Size: 17.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Protection: Three layers that purify the air from dust, toxic gases, bacteria and droplets.
  • Good ventilation
    -Water resistant
  • Bridge clip design allows for comfort adjustments

Please note as these items are disposable, for hygienic purposes these items cannot be returned