You won’t find these deals anywhere else 

We are so excited to tell you about our open box and used products that we have on offer! You won’t find these deals anywhere else. Quality goods at such an excellent price. We’ve got lots of electronics, and more in this category. Browse around and see what we have IN STOCK today.

On a quest to find the ultimate bang-for-your-buck deals? This is it. 

Ultitech’s Open Box Deals section is a collection of incredible bargain-bin offerings that will blow your mind. You may be asking ‘what is the catch?’ Here it is … Instead of a brand new product, you get a heavily discounted open box product deal. That’s it!

So, if you’re looking for something in particular or just browsing around out of curiosity, this is where you’ll find it. We’ve even got open box electronics so good they might as well be brand new! 

All products are new and functional but do not have original packaging. Visit us now to start shopping!

What are Open Box deals?

Ultitech’s Open Box Deals provide discounts on opened items for customer favourites: such as smart watches, inverters, printers, PC accessories and many more. We provide detailed descriptions for every used product we sell.

Buy something and help reduce environmental waste, all in one fell swoop

Looking for great discounts on some of your favourite items? 

Do you prefer to buy used things, because it is better for the environment? 

Discover Ultitech’s open box offers via our search bar, or on the open box page.

How can I understand an Open Box product’s condition? 

When you are in search of a discount, buying used can definitely be appealing. However, all in good time and in due course! If you want to buy a very low priced item in great condition for less than its original price, you should know in advance what the product’s condition is.

Use our Open Box deals to find great products at an amazing price! 

Ultitech provides detailed descriptions of each of our products’ Open Box offers, making it easier for customers to make a well-informed choice before placing their order. 

Depending on your particular needs and preferences, three different types of Open Box deals are available in store: 

  1. Like New
  2. Very Good
  3. Good

If you are in doubt about the condition of an item in our shop’s inventory, simply ask us! Our customer care team is at your service during working hours.

A tier up without the cost 

When you shop in “the Open Box Deals‘ you get the chance to go up a tier without spending more. Your dream of getting a better graphics card or larger display will come true when you shop in Ultitech’s Open Box Deals.

Inventory keeps changing, why?  

Since we sell used, pre-owned or, open box products, we can’t predict when something will be available again. So, if you see something you want to buy, jump on it! Chances are it won’t be available for long.

Be sure to check back often and order quickly!

Consider open box deals for extra discounts

Ultitech goes out of their way to get you what you need. They really impressed me with how fast they managed to get the stuff I needed. If you need something specific and you do not see it on their website contact them - it is very likely that they will be able get it.



Carika Heunis

Dec 1, 2021

Conor has been professional and prompt during all our dealing to date. Pleasure doing business.

Wayne Dijkman

Nov 15, 2021

I've had some major computer (RAM) problems that I was convinced were unfixable. Luckily, I found this company and not only did they fix my issue's but also made my laptop run faster than ever before. Plus dealing with the staff is like having access to a solid IT company. Friendly, professional, helpful, and knowledgeable about the products and their work. Would definitely recommend!

Dan Brits

Oct 6, 2021

Outstanding service and fast delivery,would definitely recommend ultitech to anyone.Support our local businesses. Regards from a very satisfied customer ?


Outstanding service and fast delivery,would definitely recommend ultitech to anyone.Support our local businesses. Regards from a very satisfied customer 🙂


I emailed Ultitech and it didnt take long for Conor to come back to me. He answered all my queries and I was comfortable to order the product with Ultitech. Thanks Conor!!!

Brett Yelland

Sep 15, 2021

Lizzy Moremi

Sep 9, 2021