12th Gen Intel Core Processors

The most powerful and efficient processor (ever), that we have all been waiting for, has finally arrived! Intel has announced the 12th generation of its Core processor, boasting a new performance hybrid architecture that combines two new core micro-architectures, Performance-cores (P-cores) and Efficient-cores (E-cores), on a single processor die. This allows for unprecedented performance where you need it most with P-core delivering the power needed for demanding tasks while E-core efficiently manages low power applications like email or web browsing. With this new design, all cores are active at once to achieve an even greater level of responsiveness than before – making multitasking easier than ever before.

Intel 12th Gen Core i9

12th Gen Intel Core processors will be a generation like no other

Do you want to multitask like never before?

The 12th Gen Intel Core processor is a desktop PC platform with up to 19% performance improvement over the 11th Gen chips. Intel has a new generation of processors that delivers more performance than ever before and, it has an all-new architecture for enhanced speed and responsiveness.

Now, there are even more options so you can get even higher performance out of your system. So, if you need maximum power in every situation, this new generation of processor will be the one to deliver!

You can do things like play games while streaming video or, chat with friends while playing music without any lag time or stuttering—and that’s just the beginning! With 12th Gen Intel Core processors, everything happens faster than ever before—up to 2x better productivity compared to previous-gen CPUs. An added bonus, they have lower power consumption than previous generations.

Plus, these processors feature built-in security features such as Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) which help protect against some common forms of malware. All this means you get incredible performance when multitasking and working on multiple projects at once!

The 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900K

The new P and E cores architecture means unprecedented performance from your device

Intel built Thread Director into the hardware. It looks at what the software is doing and tells it which core to put it on. Intel does this constantly, whether you are in a game or in a program.

12th Gen Intel core brings you into a near-future that is thoroughly connected

The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors support the next wave of devices for graphics cards and storage. This includes increased throughput with PCIe 5.0 as well as faster speeds and bandwidth with DDR5 memory.

You can connect your computer to 4K monitors and other devices by using one cable. This is the best way because it is simple, fast, and reliable.

You gotta have the latest Intel processor to keep up with the competition

Intel has a winner on its hands with the new chips. The Alder Lake platform offers increased connectivity and performance that is unmatched by AMD’s offerings, making it an excellent choice for workstations or gamers alike! Consider the core i9 12900k today over the Ryzen 9 595ox

Intel Alder Lake processors come to market in South Africa.

Intel’s 12th gen core i9 12900k and core i5 12600k processors have been released with an impressive combination of competitive pricing and great performance. The new core i9 12900k processor combines the power of 16 cores, 24 threads design as well as an incredible boost speed of 5 GHz for some models, making it perfect for gaming. Along with this, all CPUs are unlocked which means you can overclock them without having to worry about voiding your warranty or causing damage to the CPU itself.

Intel’s most advanced product yet!

Intel’s new hybrid x86 design represents the company’s most disruptive architectural shift in a decade. Alder Lake is not just an ordinary processor, but rather one with two separate versions: big and fast Performance cores (P-cores) paired up alongside Efficiency (E-Cores) ones that can take care of background processes quickly when you don’t need all your power upfront for intense workloads

Intel introduced their newest chip last week – without giving away too many details ahead of time they say it will be able to offer unmatched performance while at the same time being more energy-efficient than ever before!

The Golden Cove (for the big P-Cores) and Gracemont architectures power the little E-Cores) providing much needed IPC improvements to Intel’s core designs.

Core i9 12900k stays ahead of AMD

Intel has finally etched those cores on its ‘Intel 7’ process, ending the misery of 14nm node after six long years that ultimately cost them performance lead in desktop PCs. 

The latest Core i9 with 12th Gen generations are the best so far

Intel released their high-end, overclockable K series along with graphics less counterparts. The P-cores are hyperthreaded while the E-Cores is single threaded. This leads to what we would consider non-standard counts in threads. The range can stretch up from a 10-core 16-thread in the Core i5-12600K up to the 16-core 24-thread Core i9-12900K

Intel knows what its customers want

The hybrid design of the processor is an old hat for Arm, but it’s new on desktop computers. Highly-prioritized tasks execute best with P-cores while the background and threaded workloads can run via E cores (though some OS intervention might be needed).

The latest 12th Gen Core i9 are the best so far

In order to take advantage of Alder Lake chips’ performance, a high-level driver like Windows 11 will be best. But even with older versions you’ll see an improvement when running on Thread Director enabled Intel Core Processors because this tech tells the operating system which cores should be used for each task at hand – making everything faster!

With the 12th Gen Core most users will be just fine with a DDR4-equipped motherboard (especially if you’re not upgrading to windows 11), but that restricts users to lower end motherboards. Pricing lightens up for Alder Lake leading gaming performance when the B series and H series arrive.

We have a new high end processor, the Core i9-12900K

The Alder Lake is incredibly impressive in Windows 11 and takes the lead over AMD. Overall, it’s now one of gaming’s best CPUs for performance with intel’s 12th Gen core i5-12600K.

The Core i9-12900K slots in as the best high-end processor for mainstream platforms.

This is the best processor on the market – intel core i9 12900k

Intel’s new 16-core Core i9-12900K represents a 33% increase in thread count over their previous generation. The processor features 8 P-cores that support hyperthreading, and 8 E-Core based single threaded cores for 24 total threads overall.

This means it will have a much higher performance than any other chip on the market! For example, with 3.2 Ghz base clock rate and up to 5.2 GHz turbo boost speeds on P-Cores


The 12900K has a 100 MHz reduction in peak clock frequency compared to the 11th Gen Core, but that isn’t too important given its all-new hybrid architecture. The P-cores process ~19% more instructions per cycle and can be used for different tasks depending on what you need done most!


The Core i5-12600K is a solid choice for gamers, going toe to toe with the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X and representing one of lowest prices in Alder Lake.


According to toms hardware.com (Intel Core i9-12900K and Core i5-12600K Review) The Core i9-12900K is a whopping 41% faster than the Ryzen 9 5950X, but we’ve seen this with most of Windows 11 gaming benchmarks in 3DMark Time Spy test’s performance tests.


The Alder Lake-friendly confines of Windows 11 were the site for a series of tests (Conducted by toms Hardware.com) that pitted the new 16-core 24 thread core i9 12900K against Ryzen 9 5950X. The result? The 12900k is a thrilling visual! Here we can see them battle toe to microscopic hair as they compete over what used to be its uncontested turf.

Creativity is at your fingertips with this 12th gen Intel Core i9 12900K Processor

The Core i9-12900K is the best performing processor in the PC World test, but it’s not all about raw speed. What matters most to users who drive Photoshop or Premiere Pro for work? This chip comes in 14% faster than its Ryzen counterpart and may be a better fit if you plan on editing videos with Adobe products regularly.


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Outstanding service and fast delivery,would definitely recommend ultitech to anyone.Support our local businesses. Regards from a very satisfied customer 🙂


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