Huawei body fat scale 3

The elegant and slim Huawei 3 is the first of its class to use both Bluetooth dual connectivity as well as wireless technology. It can measure weight, four electrodes for body fat measurement and blood pressure monitoring. It’s also compatible with most smartphones!

The wonderful people at Huawei are always looking for ways to make life more fulfilling. This time, they’ve invented a scale that not only tracks weight but also skeletal muscle mass! Connect it with your iPhone or Android device through the Huawei health app for body fat measurement reports, thanks to an innovative invention such as Fat Scale 3 from HUAWEI

HUAWEI Scale 3 eleven body indicators

11 stats from the Huawei body fat scale 3

The Huawei Body Fat Scale is a great way to measure your heart rate, fat percentage and body fat rate and how it relates to body composition data. It also provides valuable information on skeletal muscle mass, bone mineral content (BMC), visceral fat level, body water percentage as well as BMR or basal metabolic rate.

Secondly, you can use it for Fat measurement BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) and body composition measurement.

Furthermore, this helps determine health data that relates to your fitness and health status and personal energy requirements (protein) for everyday life.


Highly accurate and effective body fat rate scale

Weighing the same, fat is 3 times bigger than muscle. That’s why people with a higher body fat rate look bigger. A low skeletal muscle rate means it is hard to lose weight too. Keep track of your body fat rate and use the HUAWEI Scale 3 to get a skeletal muscle assessment. You can also find professionals who can help you lose weight.

Accurate results guided by science

With HUAWEI TruFit™ and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, every measurement is scientifically guided. Big data and AI technology will give you accurate information (and historical data) for a healthier body and lifestyle.

Women who are pregnant or have an infant should always wear shoes on the scale. You can use it for weight measurement only.


Human body composition

Using the Huawei Health app will show you your body measurements to detect human body composition with charts and graphs. It will also give you the advice to help make it better.


Track your workout journey with the Huawei body fat scale 3

The HUAWEI Scale 3 helps you track your workout journey. It keeps you updated on how your workout is going. You can adjust the mode of the workout and customize a plan to help you lose weight. It is termed a nifty Body Weight & BMI Scale.

The scales will help you set an ultimate goal for body weight.


Bluetooth dual connection

The HUAWEI Scale 3 can connect to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This makes it much easier to connect the scale to your phone. Once you have connected your scale with Wi-Fi, you do not need to open the app. The scale will identify family members by looking at historical data.

All the data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. It will go to all of your related accounts. This way you can view all the data at a convenient time.

Your guests can use your body fat scale

As a host, you have the option of also sharing your scale with guests so they can take their own measurements. Guest mode protects data and ensures your guest can use your weight measurement feature. The Weight measurement range is from 2.5 kg to 150 kg

Increase functionality with a sleek design

The HUAWEI Scale 3 has a clean, detailed design with tempered glass panel and pure white appearance. It is suitable for different age groups. Thanks to those sturdy 3.5 mm low scale feet as well as silicone rubber non-slip pads on a suitable weighing surface like the bathroom floor!

This will allow you historical data storage on the go. This is thanks to the weighing and fat measuring chip. According to Huawei labs, its measurement frequency is three times a days.

Keep an eye on your weight, body fat percentage, and other fitness data with the Huawei Health App

The Huawei Health App combined with the Huawei body fat scale 3 is so much more! It provides all the data you need to understand your health and fitness, as well as corresponding analysis that will help with weight loss or gain goals depending on what’s best for each individual person.

A personal trainer can even create custom programs based on a comprehensive understanding of your needs! Connected via Bluetooth between phone/scale devices, this groundbreaking Huawei body fat scale 3 connects wirelessly so precious GBs aren’t wasted. This is smart recognition that is automatically enabled.

The app also has some cool features like detect Body Composition stats which allows multiple users smart recognition of visceral fat and body water percentage.


Design, quality materials and thoughtful layout

The Huawei body fat scale is a really thin plate with white tempered glass inside. 4 round platforms are made of stainless steel. They are the same size, and you stand on them when you are weighing your body fat and body mass index.

There is a foldable pocket that can hold four AAA batteries. It is in the middle and you will need to open up the compartment to insert the batteries. The Power supply is DC power supply by battery Battery, DC 6.0 V battery voltage (4 x 1.5 V AAA battery) The battery lifespan can vary depending on the actual product.

You can connect to the Huawei Health app by scanning the QR code on the side.


A Huawei Quality Body Fat Scale is the perfect reputable gift

To ensure the best possible user experience, the HUAWEI body fat scale 3 is rigorously tested throughout its production process. This ensures you will have a safer and more reliable fat measurement!

Notes, recommendations and disclaimers about the Huawei scale 3

  • The Huawei scale 3 should only measure weight and heart rate for kids under 18 and elders over 65.
  • Measurement frequency means you only measure three times a day.
  • It is recommended that pregnant women and infants wear shoes when using the device, and it should be used for weight measurement purposes only.
  • Scale automatically powers off when it is done measuring your weight.
  • Do not use the Huawei scale 3 if you have a medical implant.
  • This system works with phones (the compatible phone system) that are running Android 5.0 or later, and iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Elderly people, people with fever, and people who work in fitness or sports have different indicators for body composition. The only accurate product performance information is the weight.
  • Offline measurement: The results will automatically upload to the Cloud and sync with Huawei Health if there is a Wi-Fi connection available.
  • If the smart recognition malfunctions, you can manually determine your own data.
  • The Huawei body fat scale 3 is not for medical use. It does not diagnose, heal, or prevent any disease. All data should be used for personal reference only.
  • The heart rate is how many times your heart beats per minute (Resting Heart rate)
  • The illustrations in this post are indications of what the results might look like. The data in these pictures are only for illustration purposes.
  • Low battery alarm – When the battery voltage is low for a long time, the LED displays LO and stops the measurement to remind you to replace the battery.
  • Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology. It is used to connect these devices and the Huawei body fat scale 3 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

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Outstanding service and fast delivery,would definitely recommend ultitech to anyone.Support our local businesses. Regards from a very satisfied customer 🙂


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